Land of fish and Vikings: Norway’s Helgeland

Midnight Sun over Herøy.

Midnight Sun over Herøy.

First published in Viking magazine, March 1993 with current updates and photos.

Helgeland refreshes, revives and replenishes visitors to its island shores.

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The Seven Sisters mountains.

Helgeland is the cool ocean breeze spraying salty mist over the massive rocks that jet out of the sea. It’s the rough tiny islands harboring low-bush tundra mosses and cloudberries. It’s the giant seabirds following the fishing boats homeward in hopes of feasting on some discarded entrails. It’s the home of sagas and legends, trolls and Vikings.

Helgeland, incorporating more than 12,000 islands, is bordered by Sweden to the east, Nord-Trondelag to the south and the Saltfjellet Mountains to the north. Located halfway up the country, it is the geographical center of Norway and is a special hidden treasure few tourists have the pleasure of experiencing. If you’re looking for a place to escape the “civilized” world, this is it. Continue reading

Norwegian Re-enactment Plays

My beautiful pictureFirst published in Viking magazine, March 1995, with current updates

It’s a beautiful summer day, and you have just settled back in your lawn chair to witness the moving saga of St. Olav on the Stiklestad battlefield. It’s the fourth time this week that the celebrated Norseman has met his demise and yet he is full of life and passion today, portraying a bit of Norway’s past for 25,000 visitors every year. Continue reading