Because They Hate

Book Review

Title: Because They Hate
Author: Brigitte Gabriel
Genre: Nonfiction
First published: 2006
Spoiler Alert: May contain some offensive material

Brigitte Gabriel witnessed first-hand how her home country of Lebanon was turned from a prosperous democratic oasis in the Arab world into a wore-torn pile of rubble. How Beirut, once the “Paris of the Middle East” was stormed and converted into a Muslim conclave which spins out suicide bombers and terrorists.  She says there will never be peace in the Middle East because Arabs believe Israel should not exist and will do anything and everything to destroy it. And they also want to kill anyone who does not adhere to their religion. They live on hate; feed it to their children from birth; and spew out lies and horror. And she warns North America to wake up, connect the dots, and recognize the evil that is infiltrating it before it is too late.  Continue reading