Ancient Chinese Custom: The Ghost Bride


Temple in Taiwan. Lana Rodlie photo

To celebrate Chinese New Year – why not read a really great tale involving Chinese customs?

While in Taiwan last year, we were intrigued by the Chinese ritual of burning “money” as an offering for long dead ancestors.

Imagine. How your spirit fares in the afterworld depends entirely on how those in the living world pay homage to you. Are they bringing you enough food to eat (chicken, rice, fruits); or are they providing cash (paper ‘money’) so you can buy what you need? Such is an ancient Chinese custom. Continue reading

Seeing the forest for the trees – books by Darcee O’Hearn

This was originally published in the Trail Times in 2009. See update at bottom.

By Lana Rodlie

Her books have been six years in the making; rejected by publishers; but Darcee O’Hearn is trudging along, undaunted.

The 39-year-old Rossland mother of three has been through trials and tribulations before, and her latest venture is just another in a growing list of challenges.

O’Hearn created a series of children’s books that will help children gain a better understanding of the forest. Continue reading