History of the 1953 Corvette #003

Day 2 Resslers 18VIN # E53F001003

The 1953 Corvette #003, was virtually hand built at the Customer Delivery Garage in Flint, Michigan on July 1, 1953. The garage at Atherton and Van Slyke Avenue was converted to produce just 300 of the 1953 models and was known as GM Pilot Assembly. It arrived at the GM Technical Centre in Warren, Michigan, on July 7, 1953. Continue reading

The Colours of Corvette

Day 2

Day 2 Resslers 2National Corvette Caravan 2014

Torch Red, Lime Rock Green, Supersonic Blue, Crystal Red, Atomic Orange, Arctic White, Machine Silver, Cyber Grey, Le Mans Blue, Monterey Red, Velocity Yellow and (my personal favourite) Black Rose . . . the colours are as exotic and varied as any rainbow you can imagine. And by the time we got to Billings, Montana, there were dozens of every colour.

Day 2 Resslers garageThe highlight of the day was visiting Dave Ressler’s private Corvette museum in Bozeman, Montana. It is so secret, we were not told its location until the drivers’ meeting that morning. There was no address, no signs on the highway. We followed our leaders onto a circular driveway surrounding a lot the size of four football fields. To the side were several large buildings which house Ressler’s collection of 43 sparkling Corvettes – most of them never driven. (Ressler is the gazillionaire who owns most of the GM dealerships in Montana.) Continue reading