Walking through the past in Bergen, Norway

The Gateway to the Norwegian Fjords is a beautiful blend of the medieval and modern

By Lana Rodle

Bergen harbour 2

Bryggen, as seen from the harbour. Photo by Lana Rodlie

First published in the May/June 1993 issue of Cruise Travel magazine; photos in the original article were supplied by Jan Strømme. Photos here were taken by Lana Rodlie in summer 2010.

One of the reasons we North Americans love to travel to Europe is not just to experience the differences in culture and architecture, but to also experience, firsthand, a way of life from the past. With nearly a thousand years of history, Bergen, Norway, is a perfect city to take a walk through time.

Called the Fjord Capital, Bergen is one of the largest cruise ports in Scandinavia with more than 150 cruise visits per year. Continue reading